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In the wake of the Opportunity Alaska trade mission to China, in which dozens of Alaskan businesses presented their products and opportunities to the Chinese market, this digital platform aims to explore the vast potential for increased cooperation between the resource-rich state of Alaska and the world’s most populous country.
China is already Alaska’s largest trade partner, and a recent wave of high-level meetings and landmark deals struck in sectors ranging from tourism to natural gas have made the synergistic characteristics of the two economies historically clear. Through a series of articles and interviews with influential Alaskan personalities, this platform will highlight the win-win benefits of the Sino-Alaskan relationship and the opportunities available to further strengthen economic and cultural ties.
Part of the content that appears on this platform will also be published in China’s Economic Observer newspaper in Mandarin Chinese.

This content has been produced by The Report Company, a publishing company that has an agreement with The Economic Observer for the distribution of its special business features in print.

Publishing Director: Nina Carneiro
Words: Peter Edyvean, Eleanor Wragg, Amani El Sehrawey, Alyssa McMurtry
Editing: Peter Edyvean

Project Manager: Carlos Robledo
Web creation: Raquel Escobar

Produced by The Report Company

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